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Texas Holdem Poker - Can a rookie win?

The wonderful thing about poker is that everyone has a chance to win. Take the most battle hardened poker professional and put them against a rookie, the rookie has a chance to win if he gets the cards and plays them with a bit of common sense.

There is an element of luck and the rookie would probably need really good cards, but still, there is a chance! Ok, so maybe I am dreaming a bit, the rookie would have to know a thing or two about poker. He would have to know the ranking of poker hands for a start. It would be no good if he put all his money on a pair. And, he would have to know a bit about odds, so that he could be sure of his chance of winning.

Then he would also have to know a bit about bluffing, when to bluff and how to read his opponents. The most common form of poker is Texas Holdem, but there are poker variations and it helps to know about these different variations of poker.

Oh well, I suppose there is quite a lot to know before you enter major poker tournaments. But then isnít that what makes it fascinating? There is so much to learn and to master about poker.

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